WHEY ISOLATE PROTEIN it’s From The Advanced Whey Proteins Supplements, Where They Are Available And It’s For The Professionals Coaches And Athletes. It’s The Ultimate Solution,For You Who You Want A Pure Protein, That Will Help You Get It And Keep It Lean Muscle Mass. Has Immediate Absorption From The Agency, Does Not Contain Any Sugar,Contains Minimal Up To Zero Carbohydrates And Fat While It Has A Large Dose Amino Acids And Glutamine. It’s Ideal, Not Just For Lineage,But And For Slimming.Dissolves Easily With A Spoon And It’s Suitable Ideal Before And After Workout.For You Who You Want A Supplement With High Content In Protein, We Recommend Whey Protein Isolate Hydrolyzed. Ideal For People Where They Can’t Consume Lactose


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